Batman S&M Mask

Posted: December 18, 2014
Batman S&M Mask
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Well I guess it's technically the "Batman Mask As It Could Be in 1920" according to designer Bob Basset, but look at that laced-up backside. And its ingredients: leather; brass; and mesh. I think this Dark Knight has S&M written all over him. Catwoman will be pleased.

Bob Basset is a self-described "family of crazy masters." Their nut house, founded in 1989 in the Ukraine, creates an extensive line of fine and unique art pieces, most with a steampunk...or superhero dominatrix in the boudoir...edge. The Batman S&M mask is fully wearable with a removable face piece. Though it fits most adult head sizes, Bob Basset says, "If you worry will it fit for you or not measure your head and write to us with question." And that's an order, slave!

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