Armored Leather Wonder Woman Costume

Posted: August 31, 2017
Armored Leather Wonder Woman Costume
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Why simply dress up as Wonder Woman when you can transform into Wonder Woman corseted and zipped into custom sewn leather form-molded over motorcycle grade body armor? This UD Replicas creation isn't just a costume, it's a super legit, super badass (and super hot!) superhero suit.

I may be about to marry She-Ra: Princess of Power, but I'll always hold a soft spot in my heart, and a hard-on in my pants, for Wonder Woman. Maybe I can get her to do a costume change before we ride off on Swift Wind after the wedding.

UD Replicas' stunning nod to Themyscira's finest includes a corset and skirt, plus optional boots and gauntlets. Since real-world body armor serves as their base, the cosplay-primed costume has a semi-rigid construction, "even when at maximum tension." The skirt's side and back panels are removable for positioning on the wearer's hips wherever she (or he) prefers.

The pair of full-length gold leather boots have a wedge heel and removable red armor plating. Spandex across the calves creates a modifiable and universally snug fit for a range of body shapes. Gauntlets are one size fits all.

Since all Wonder Woman costumes / sets of armor, including the weathered leather finishes, are made to order, no two will be alike.

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