1989 Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica

Posted: April 21, 2023
1989 Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica
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Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Batman - 30+ years later - in DC Studios' upcoming The Flash. A retired Batman, mind you, and one from an alternate universe, but still. Contemporary cinema's OG Dark Knight is donning the cape, the cowl, the suit, and the belt once again. And in honor of it, I guess NECA figured you might want to too. They're releasing a Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica based on the one Keaton wore in the 1989 Batman film.

NECA is including a replica Batarang in the bundle, too, in case any of you grandpas out there are on the fence about the purchase. Come on, senior dudes, follow in Keaton's footsteps! Relive your golden days of pretending you're a superhero. Hit up Comic-Cons and cosplay gatherings. Show your wife you've still got some roleplaying skills left in those old bones.

The NECA Batman Utility Belt and Batarang prop replicas are made of plastic, and a little chintzy looking to me, but the set does come with all the fun weapons and gadgets as the original. There are 4 slots in the belt you can load with any combination of 8 included cartridges: torch; taser; scanner; micro camera; re-breather; gas pellets; and smoke bombs. The 7" articulating Batarang, along with a Grapnel Launcher and Communicator, attach magnetically to the front of the belt.

Given adults are the only demographic who remember Michael Keaton as Batman, the 1989 Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica is sized for them to wear, adjusting at the back for waists between 31.5" and 50". Like the movie, the Batman Utility Belt and Batarang bundle will come out in June 2023.

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