Typographical Chess Set

Posted: March 10, 2013
Typographical Chess Set
$86.52 - $736.52
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A whimsical spin for people who know which chess pieces are which, and vital information for people like me who don't. Typographical kings, queens, knights, rooks, pawns, and...wait...what's the other one? Please hold while I Wikipedia chess.

Oh yeah, bishop. It's the bishop. No wonder I can never remember that. I've heard growing up Catholic can incur post-traumatic memory loss of all related aspects later in life.

Artistically stacked letters in an undisclosed font form the bodies of these chessmen, while heads maintain their traditional aesthetics. As with all 3D-printed wares from Shapeways, the chess set is available in over a dozen materials of varying prices. Sandstone, the least expensive, runs around $85, while the opposite end of the pricing spectrum, gold-plated, will set buyers back over $700.

Well one thing I do know about chess is that lemon chess pie is delicious and Paula Deen could probably eat 5 of them in one sitting.

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