The Goonies Monopoly

Posted: August 17, 2020
The Goonies Monopoly
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Fifty-dollar bills. Fifty-dollar bills! Guys! Hundreds of them! Fifty-dollar bills! Sorry, Data, the cash in The Goonies edition of Monopoly is fake, bogus, phony too. But. You'll still need to amass a healthy wad of it you're going to collect One Eyed Willy's treasure and save Brand and Mikey's parents from foreclosure.

Another collectible addition to the iconic, yet often never-ending and mind-numbingly boring, Monopoly franchise, The Goonies Monopoly brings the nostalgia of Astoria, OR, pirate maps, booby traps, Fratelli shenanigans, and the battle cries of "Never say die!" and "Heeeyyyy yooouuu Guuuyyysss!" to the game board.

Custom sculpted player tokens include Brand's Little Girl's Bike, Copper Bones, the Gold Doubloon, the Statue of David, Willy's Eye Patch, and a Skull & Crossbones. Monopoly houses are renamed after Goonies booby traps, and hotels treasure chests.

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