Poop Bingo

Posted: September 25, 2020
Poop Bingo
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Poop Bingo. Also Known as Your 2020 Bingo Card. Full of pandemics and political unrest, fires and floods, murder hornets and the cancellation of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Basically every steaming pile of shit you can think of. And if you get Bingo - surprise! - you win your choice of getting laid off or a busted sewer line that's gonna cost $25K to replace.

Alright, alright, none of that's true. This Poop Bingo game from Laurence King Publishing is actually a light and fun form of entertainment. Kid-appropriate, even. Especially if you have kids eager to "discover all [they] ever wanted to know about poop." Poop Bingo cards are filled with a combination of 24 different animals and their trademark turds. Some standouts in the pinched-off bunch: wombat poop, which is cubical; penguin poop, which comes out like squirts from a paint tube, including its varying colors; and dung beetle poop, which looks like a chocolate donut with sprinkles.

Poop Bingo also comes with an accompanying booklet describing all of its animals and their poop in more detail. If you need a gift for kids, Poop Bingo promises to be the #2 best game out there for them.

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