Nintendo Collector's Edition Monopoly

Posted: February 08, 2013
Nintendo Collector's Edition Monopoly

Nintendo Collector's Edition Monopoly means I get Zelda's Sword! And I plan to use it in a reign of terror against Mario's chump Mushroom and Pikman's brokedown Rocket. I imagine that wily Mario Star and Samus' Helmet will probably give me a run for my NES money though. The Gyroid is the wildcard. You can never really know what to expect with 3D geometric shapes.

Nintendo Monopoly, which should be called Nintendopoly but isn't because the two haven't started dating yet, allows 2 to 6 players to traverse the board mindlessly, raking in or dishing out colorful $10s and $100s to purchase iconic video game characters and relics. Shockingly, Mario and Luigi both cost more than Princess Zelda. I never took her for a cheap one. Princess Peach, though, $50 would come as no surprise there. Also making appearances on the board are Donkey Kong, Rose the Cat, Link, and Yoshi. Happy neverending gaming!

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