Havoc Boards - Custom Maps for Risk

Posted: June 05, 2013
$27 - $100
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Havoc Boards. Fifteen custom-designed maps of cities, countries, and regions either printed on professional grade gaming board or engraved in solid wood, and primed for your Mark "The Undertaker" Calaway-style total domination. A new twist on--and intended to be used in conjunction with--Risk, Bungle Board Games' Havoc Boards drop divide-and-conquer missions onto places with which they hope players will feel a more immediate connection. Places they live. Places they love. Places they maybe can't ever go back to due to a couple of outstanding warrants....

Each Havoc Board was designed from scratch to depict the highest level of detail one can squeeze into a 20" x 30" (24" x 32" for the engraved wood) rectangle. City maps currently range from New York City and Boston to Chicago and San Francisco, and the collection also includes boards of the entire US and the United Kingdom. All regions come with their own unique deck of territory cards, but require (or at least strongly urge) players to use/purchase Hasbro's Risk to access game pieces and dice.

Pending successful domination of Kickstarter ($20,000 is the base funding level) Bungle Board Games will start unlocking new Havoc boards, with mystery reveals slated for about a dozen stretch goals from $24,000 up to $64,000. I really hope they reach these milestones and that one of the mystery reveals is a Havoc map of LAX, which is the stupidest and most confusing black hole of travel on earth. If I could conquer that MF airport, New York City, the United States of America, the solar system, all else in the universe would be putty--no, gallium--in my hands.

Havoc Boards will accept pledges through July 18, 2013.

December 2013 Update: While Havoc Boards achieved its Kickstarter funding goal, the company is still working to produce and distribute them to crowdfunding backers. You can follow the progress and check for updates on the Melon website--follow the link below.

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