Posted: September 18, 2014
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Not to brag, but...I'm pretty sure I coined the phrase "ass hornet" while sitting on the john one night after my friend Cornelius dared me to lace my chili with a tablespoon of powdered bhut jolokia. And now, after mere hours of beef-and-been hornets blasting their fiery stingers into my colon, my description of the experience has been immortalized as one of 300 dirty, twisted words in the game of f**ktionary. I'm so proud.

I'm also bullshitting you. I don't really know if an ass hornet has anything to do with painful bowel movements or not, I just made that definition up. Anyone who plays f**ktionary will do the same. Filled with words that'll make your mama blush stare blankly and ask, "What the Fuddruckers is a honeyfuggle?" f**ktionary is Fictionary for the filthy minded, Balderdash for the morally corrupt.

Gameplay entails one player per round selecting a card from the f**ktionary lot and reading its lewd word aloud. The other players then write down a made-up definition for the word, which the card drawer collects and reads aloud along with the actual definition. Players vote on which meaning they believe is correct, and the one that gets the most votes gets the point for that round.

f**ktionary is best played by 4 or more players with creatively crude minds aged 18 and over.

Muchas danke to Laura H. for the Dude Product Tip.

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