Blackmail Postcards

Posted: April 29, 2020
Blackmail Postcards
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Not to make a bad situation worse for my friend Cornelius, but what if he were to receive a postcard in the mail? A blackmail postcard indicating - in ransom note cutout letters, of course - that someone had taken hostage the set of California Raisins figurines he's had since childhood, the ones he kept on his desk at the office, and didn't know to bring home before the office shut down. And now, that toynapper wants one million dollars...or the unopened canister of Clorox wipes they know Cornelius has under his kitchen sink...to ensure their safe return.

The Blackmail Postcards set from SUCK UK comes with 250 letter stickers in assorted ransom demand fonts. It also comes with 2 blank postcards, which isn't nearly enough for all the free time and great prank ideas I have.

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