Arckit Architectural Model Building Kits

Posted: April 02, 2020
Arckit Architectural Model Building Kits
$89.99 - $398.99
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Arckit's architectural model building kits are all based on real contemporary building techniques, and crafted with budding architects in mind. Kits come with between 200+ and 400+ interconnecting modular components, and while there is an instruction manual for completing the building on the box, Arckit encourages Frank Lloyd Wright-level creativity in designing, building, and modifying standard structures to suit your vision.

Arckit architectural model building kits are suitable for anyone ages 14 and up, and can combine across the Arckit platform to create scaled designs of whole towns. Like the one in Beetlejuice, a movie that just now became a helluva lot more relatable for me, as I get what the Maitlands must have felt like not being able to leave their house unless they wanted to face an unfamiliar desert world ruled by a sandworm.

Arckit purchases also come with free access to Arckit Digital on Sketchup 3D Warehouse.

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