Annoying Gift Box

Posted: March 14, 2023
Annoying Gift Box
$34 - $40
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The Annoying Gift Box has 20 bolts its recipient is required to unscrew and remove to gain access to the goods inside. Sounds like a fun prank, right? Especially if you're, say, giving a gift to your girlfriend in the Annoying Gift Box, and that gift happens to be an engagement ring. What a great way to get her worked up before getting her really worked up, eh?

Yeah, OK, fine. It's only great if you're a little mean-spirited like I am-...what?! And a total jerk she shouldn't want to marry anyway? That's harsh, dudes.

Travel Sized Creations 3D prints the Annoying Gift Box in an array of box and ribbon colors, each with criss-crossing bolts that screw into brackets lining the ribbon. The bow on top also has a secret screwdriver stored inside, which you may opt in or out of telling the person who has to open the box about.

Note: While you'll relish watching someone else deal with opening the Annoying Gift Box, keep in mind you yourself will have to assemble it after inserting your gift in its 3.5" x 3.5" x 3" chamber. And lining up and screwing in 20 bolts seems to me to be just as, if not more, annoying than screwing them out.

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