American Foods Scratch Off Map

Posted: December 17, 2021
American Foods Scratch Off Map
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All foodies and hungry people know the best way to go through the USA is to eat your way through the USA, and this American Foods Scratch Off Map is going to make easy work for all the big and adventurous travelers with big and adventurous appetites out there.

An original design from Cascadia Modern, the Eat Your Way Through the USA Scratch Off Map is a 16 x 20 poster identifying regional foods all 50 states in the country are known for. Most states are filled with trademark prepared dishes, such as Tennessee's (Nashville) Hot Chicken, Maine's Lobster Rolls, and Missouri's (St. Louis) Toasted Ravioli. But some also include grown, caught, or raised foods in their natural forms - Washington Apples, Alaska Salmon, Colorado (Palisade) Peaches, and Florida Alligator.

Eat Your Way Through the USA posters arrive with each state covered in silver foil, but with the words beneath it visible, so you can scratch off regional foods you've tried individually. Get them all and you'll have 175 American dishes and delicacies under your belt. ... Visibly under your belt if you scratch off the map fast enough.

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