Abusive Birthday Balloons

Posted: December 31, 2018
Abusive Birthday Balloons
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The manufacturer calls these Abusive Birthday Balloons a "conversation starter." Ha! I'll say. A conversation about what a jerk whoever threw this birthday party is.

Or a conversation about how, yeah, the birthday boy kinda is old as fuck, or the birthday girl is a big ol' bitch. What's a birthday for, if not roasting the guest of honor?

An obvious top Dude gift for a party pick, Abusive Birthday Balloons come in For Her versions (above) as well as For Him packs (here). Their profanity is a solid level 7 out of 10, with several F bombs dropped and age-related insults broadcast, but they don't get too personal or cross the see you next Tuesday line.

Balloons come in packs of 10, with 2 each of 5 different abusive statements and salutations included.

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