The Best Luxury Gifts for Men

Posted: October 30, 2018
The Best Luxury Gifts for Men

My sense is that most people looking at the best luxury gifts for men are not made of money. They're the people hoping to be on the receiving end of the people made of money. Myself included - how do you think I got the idea make a list of such high-end tech and gear, gadget and goodies, and style makers and sex chairs?

Yes that's right. Handmade luxury sex chairs.

Check out my picks for the best luxury gifts for men.

LG B8 4K Smart OLED TV


As much as women may dislike receiving electronics as gifts, men go cuckoo for digi-puffs. Which is why women always end up with headphones and activity trackers when they really want sparkly rings and leather handbags, and men end up with aftershave and wallets when they really want 4K Smart OLED TVs.

This 2018 release from LG comes in 55" and 65", and with more trimmin's than your Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas tree combined. Maybe most notably, the B8 $k Smart OLED TV has AI ThinQ, meaning Google Assistant comes built in so you can use the LG Magic Remote to control all of your compatible smart devices with voice command. The TV is also Alexa compatible.

$1,700 to $2,600 ➠ Amazon

Sonos PLAY:5 Speaker

Sonos PLAY:5 Speaker
Sonos PLAY:5 Speaker

I don't have the PLAY:5 but I do own a set of Sonos speakers, which I've Bluetooth-umbilical-corded to my Alexa. And they sound pretty damn good. It's not a purchase I regret.

With PLAY:5 you'll get Sonos' best generation of sound that will knock your AirPods off, and you'll seem a lot less anti-social while listening to it. "Superior stereo sound" is what Sonos says. That includes 6 x Class-D amplifiers with 6 dedicated speaker drivers, and 3 x woofers in a completely sealed architecture for playback of every single "sonic detail in all its glory."

Available singly or as a set for a slight price break, PLAY:5 Speakers are also compatible with the Amazon Echo.

$499 to $949 ➠ Amazon

Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

The Sobro possibly earns its price with a Santa Claus sack gadgety toys (dual speakers on the sides, tabletop touch controls for all built-in systems) to complement its central refrigerator door.

The Sobro's cooler drawer keeps food and, more importantly, tasty beverages within easy reach. And rather than bags of ice, the table uses a compressor to ensure continuous, even, ice cold cooling of wine and beer. Touch temperature controls allow you to set the fridge at your precise preferred degrees Fahrenheit.

$1,299 ➠ Amazon

Hyperice Vyper 2.0 High-Intensity Vibrating Fitness Roller

Hyperice Vyper 2.0 High-Intensity Vibrating Fitness Roller
Hyperice Vyper 2.0 High-Intensity Vibrating Fitness Roller

Hey look, it's a BDSM toy for pain seekers muscle recovery tool for athletes. And while maybe not a luxury item compared to a $20,000 watch, at around $200, the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 is definitely the big spender of the foam roller world.

This is a foam roller with built-in high frequency vibration technology. Hyperice Vyper digital circuitry adds 3 speeds of vibration to the equipment's standard distribution of pressure to further: relieve tension from tight muscles; release bound fascia; and improve blood flow. The process loosens and lengthens muscles, thereby accelerating the post-workout body's recovery process, increasing range of motion and flexibility, and improving overall athletic performance.

$199 ➠ Amazon

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

While festive in name, Lord Jones does not make the kind of gumdrops you find on gingerbread houses.

The company handmakes their CBD gumdrops in small batches from 5 ingredients: natural fruit flavors; gelatin; citric acid; sugar; and the C - B - Zip-a-dee-doo-dee. That last component is mixed in to the tune of 20mg per drop, a dose those who currently use CBD for pain and anxiety relief, or mood stabilization, will recognize as pretty hefty.

You'll pay for the gum drop power, though. And also for the Lord Jones regal name and posh packaging. CBD Gum Drops sell in boxes of 9. You can drop $45 on Lord Jones' citrus and berry gum drops, or $60 on their limited edition Sigurberry box, the latter "inspired by the flavors of foraged Icelandic berries."

In other words, snozzberries.

$45 to $60 ➠ Lord Jones

Hammock Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Hammock Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Usually when people describe themselves they inflate the truth or do that reverse psychology trick where they say a bunch of self-deprecating things in an effort to convey the opposite meaning. In both cases they would like everyone to believe they are awesome. But when Splinter Works, creators of this carbon fiber Hammock Bathtub, terms themselves designers of "sculptural furniture that is engaging and inspiring" and suggests pieces forged at their hands will "enrich the lives" of those who use them, I don't see an ounce of exaggeration at work. To me, The Hammock Bathtub looks to be the Supreme Mac Daddy of wash basins.

Inquire for Price ➠ Splinter Works

Bolin Webb R1 Auto-Inspired Razor

Bolin Webb R1 Auto-Inspired Luxury Razor

British brand Bolin Webb shapes, paints, and lacquers its luxury razors after iconic sports cars and other standout rides of Europe's auto industry. The razors' curvy top bonnets are metal castings, each hand-painted and lacquered in Bolin Webb's Birmingham shop.

The R1 is Bolin Webb's original luxury razor. It is compatible with Gillette's Mach3 blade, and features a rubber grip and bacteria-resistant materials. Automotive finishes include Alpine (white), Argent (silver), Jet (black), Jack (British flag), and Graphite.

$80 ➠ Amazon

Traxxas XO-1 AWD Supercar

Traxxas XO-1 AWD Supercar

0 to 100MPH in under 5 seconds. Yes, I'm talking about an RC car. Traxxas says its XO-1 is the world's fastest ready-to-race supercar. And while you'll pay dearly for the honor, this 1/7-scale ride comes 'Roided. Out.

The XO-1 sports a 25.2V extreme ESC giant brushless motor that accelerate it to 60MPH in 2.3 seconds. (You will have to add on some 3s LiPo batteries to get over the 100MPH mark though.) The car also includes telemetry sensors, a TQi 2.4GHz radio with wireless module, and Traxxas Stability Management for increases control on slippery surfaces.

$750 ➠ Amazon

The Fortress Safe

The Fortress Luxury Safe

I sure hope German safe manufacturer Doettling's Fortress lives up to its "safest luxury safe in the world" claims because there's no way any owner of one is going to be able to keep it hidden, discreet, or installed as anything but the centerpiece of his room. Maybe his whole life. Then again, any dude with a benefactor who can afford to spend 3 times the entirety of my net worth on a safe that will store just a portion of his own probably has a lot more going for him than the Fortress.

$128,800 ➠ Doettling

Devon Time Belt Watches

Devon Time Belt Watches
Devon Time Belt Watches

Devon Timepieces has harnessed the raw, industrial, I-Love-Lucy technology of conveyor belts in their Time Belt series of watches. Each wicked, steampunky wrist ornament has a five-piece belt assembly mounted on a central chassis to maintain perfect clearance, plus create the illusion that the parts are floating within the case.

Temperature-compensated crystals feed data to on-board microprocessors that drive the timepieces' four microstep motors. Devon's Time Belts are made from high-grade stainless steel forged in five elements through CNC construction. The watches' windows are crystals produced from scratch-resistant and anti-reflective polycarbonate. Oh, they're also bulletproof.

$12,500 to $19,950 ➠ Devon

Bowchair Sex Chairs

Bowchair Luxury Sex Chairs

I think as long as you're not his mama, in-law, creepy uncle, or friend who tested out the Bowchair before giving it to him, a man would be very happy to receive a discreet and luxurious sex chair as a gift from any person on earth. And to temper their price a bit, Bowchair is offering Dude readers a 20% discount on chair purchases through the end of 2018. Use the coupon code DUDEGETS20 at checkout.

For dudes who likes bouncy, bouncy, Bowchairs have bouncy, bouncy covered from head to toe. With, yes, lots of boobie in between.

Bowchairs enable men and women to experiment with over 20 different sexual positions from the Kama Sutra, The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight, and The Ananga Ranga. You can also test out a few of your own from The What If I Put My Leg Here and You Put Your Chest There?

$2,200 to $3,900 ➠ Bowchair
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