WhizRider Portable Car Seat

Posted: August 09, 2020
WhizRider Portable Car Seat
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The WhizRider is a harness-style restraint system that serves as a portable car seat. Uh, for kids. Not, unfortunately, for your mama, who white knuckles the "Oh God!" handle above her door, gasps and hits her invisible break, and spastically reaches for the wheel or car horn when she's riding with you.

Made for kiddos 3 and up, the WhizRider weighs less than a pound and packs into a pouch the size of a 12-ounce cup of coffee. It is designed specifically for parents to use when traveling or taking their kids in rental cars, ride shares, taxis, 3-in-a-row seats, or anywhere else a full booster car seat isn't available or practical.

Rather than lifting your squirt up to a safe level in relation to the seatbelt, the WhizRider harness pulls the shoulder of the belt down and secures the whole seatbelt in an optimal position around the wee wearer - that is, around the top of his / her shoulder and over the upper thighs. WhizRider riders are also held in place with leg loops that prevent sliding forward or submarining under the lap belt.

According to WhizRider's designers, which include an accident researcher and biomechanical engineers, the WhizRider is easy to use and installs in less than 20 seconds (well, after you get your wiggle worm into the harness). It has been tested to exceed the performance requirements of U.S. NHTSA regulations (FMVSS 213).

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