UNICAT MD56c Expedition Vehicle

Posted: April 23, 2020
UNICAT MD56c Expedition Vehicle
$1.5 million
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The UNICAT MD56c Expedition Vehicle: For Those Who Just Want to Disappear...Yet Still Make Everyone Jealous with Their Instagram Posts. Sure, UNICAT's motorhome mod of a MAN TGS 6x6 chassis is ultra-utilitarian for anyone seeking to slip off the grid, but...well, maybe "slip" is the wrong word. More like "barrel." This off-roader in a monster, not just in appearance and physical size - 220.4" long x 97.6" wide x 82.8" tall - but also in capacity. It has a 264-gallon fuel tank, and can roll 2,050 miles per fill.

And, according to UNICAT, the 4x4 mounted to the back of the 6x6 "extends [its] area of operation to the very extreme." To say the least.

The UNICAT MD56c Expedition Vehicle has an extensive rooftop solar system that feeds complete interior systems for lighting and other electrical, fresh and waste water, heating and air conditioning, and refrigeration / freezing. For off-road, off-grid living, the vehicle can support 2 people for weeks; during temporary road trips, it can house up to 5.

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