Tesla Cyberquad for Kids

Posted: December 02, 2021
Tesla Cyberquad for Kids
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Daddy wants a Tesla Cybertruck for Christmas? Too bad. The executives at Mommy's company are hoarding all the money they could be sharing with the people who do all the work, so she only has enough to buy a Tesla Cyberquad...as a gift for the kids. And, at $1,900, even that's a stretch.

Also, like the Cybertruck, the Cyberquad might not arrive anytime soon. The latest addition to the Lifestyle section of Tesla's online store, the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is a play on the company's Cybertruck design, reworked and shrunken down into an all-electric 4-wheel ATV for kiddos 8 and up. At printing, Cyberquad shipping was estimated to begin in 2 to 4 weeks, indicating most orders probably won't arrive in time for a big reveal on Christmas morning.

Your kids may not mind Tesla's delivery window issues, though. What's waiting another few weeks if you have the chance to own a bitchin' Cyberquad with adjustable suspension, rear disk braking, LED light bars, and - oooohhhh - a cushioned seat? The ATV's li-ion battery gives little off-roaders 15 miles of range per charge, and a top speed of 10MPH.

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