T-MAT Universal Cargo Organizer

Posted: July 11, 2018
T-MAT Universal Cargo Organizer
$110 - $205
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T-MAT wants to be your slide-, roll-, and rattle-free rock on the road. The universal cargo mat is a truck bed and car / SUV trunk liner with an interlocking panel base and T-shaped "blocker" pieces that snap into the base's "X" slots to hold your tools, gear, easily-tipped bags in place while you're driving.

T-MAT kits come in 4 sizes, and are designed to fit any vehicle type and make - even, they say, golf carts and side-by-sides. Kits are fully modular and customizable for sizing to the specific items you want to secure during transit. The mat's surface is non-stick too, so you can slide, rather than lift, heavy boxes and awkwardly-sized items into place within your bed or trunk.

T-MAT base panels lock together like puzzle pieces to form a flat surface in the general shape of your vehicle's cargo floor. No tools are required for assembly, and you can alter the mat shape, along with the T blockers' positioning, as many times as you want. The T-MAT material is also receptive to hose-offs and vacuums...though, depending on the disposition of the specific T-MAT you choose, it might run off and hide panting behind the hot water heater whenever it gets a whiff of potential bath time.

Items T-MAT recommends their cargo mats for storing include tool boxes and large power tools, hunting, fishing, and camping gear, lawn and sports equipment, groceries, booze, and prepared food dishes, and grills and coolers. A T-MAT could be your new essential tailgating item, or at least a solid gift for a man who's always got a load of crap with him.

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