Shine Armor Hydrophobic Spray Wax for Cars

Posted: July 14, 2019
Shine Armor Brazilian Carnauba Spray Wax for Cars
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Wax on, wax off becomes spray on, wax off with Shine Armor's Spray Wax Quick Coat. Made with Brazilian Carnauba wax, the polisher spritzes on the body of your vehicle, and then wipes back off to seal and polish your paint all bright eyed 'n' bushy tailed in about 15 minutes.

The Spray Wax Quick Coat is intended to remove dust and fingerprints, leaving a high gloss shine with no streaks or residue in their wake. The spray formula combines Brazilian Carnauba wax with advanced polymers to help block UV and environmental contaminant damage to car paint. The spray wax is also hydrophobic.

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