Rid-a-Rat Under-Hood Rodent Deterrent Device

Posted: March 15, 2021
Rid-a-Rat Under-Hood Rodent Deterrent Device

The only thing worse than a human packrat living in your house is a packrat packrat living under the hood of your car. Nesting up in the engine compartment. Chewing through random wires you sort of needed to, like, drive. Rid-a-Rat is a simple no-kill device designed to deter rodents from building 5-star accommodations in the crevices of your vehicle.

In addition to being a deterrent rather than a trap, Rid-a-Rat keeps the rats away using light, not sound. So you don't have to worry you'll also fry the brains of the local squirrels and send neighborhood cats to the mental health wards when you use it. Load Rid-a-Rat with 2 x AA batteries, and use its pair of magnets to mount it under your hood. It will emit rat- and rodent-deterring LEDs for about 6 months per set of batteries.

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