Phat Scooters

Posted: January 02, 2018
Phat Scooters
$1,799 - $1,999
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If the tires make the scooter, then yep, this is a Phat Scooter. The Phatty and Phatty Sport are all-electric scooters that swear on a double bacon double cheeseburger topped with onion rings and a fried egg their performance matches the fatness of their tires.

Phat Scooters are designed to give "larger framed individuals" a smooth and comfortable ride. The Phatty Original and Phatty Sport both have a wide saddle, hydraulic shocks, and those double-wide tubeless tires to absorb vibrations. You can ride the scooters seated or standing. The Phatty Sport, though, is 20 pounds lighter, and has shorter handle bars, intended for smaller riders up to 6' tall.

Phat Scooters are powered by a 1200W electric motor stored inside the wheel hub, and slowed by electronic ABS hydraulic disc brakes for additional safety and control. Phatty speeds max out at 20MPH, over a maximum range of 30 to 50 miles, depending on the battery type you choose. You don't need a license to cruise on one.

Additional Phat Scooter features include:

  • 6" ground clearance.
  • 30-degree hill climbing capacity.
  • 3 drive modes to keep the Phatty within legal limits for various environments and terrains: Beach, max 8MPH; Golf, max 13MPH; and Bike, max 20MPH.
  • 4- to 6-hour charge time with a standard 100W outlet.
  • 12AH or 20AH battery options.
  • Option to customize Phat Scooter deck.
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