Parkit360 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly

Posted: June 11, 2022
Parkit360 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly
$1,899.99 - $2,699.99
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Parking is hard for a lot of people. That's why we have self-parking BMWs and Cadillacs, and You Suck at Parking Cards. But trailer parking? That's hard for everyone. And speaking even as a non-RV or camper owner, I feel confident in saying if Parkit360's Electric Trailer Dolly works, it will take a chunk of the stress, panic, and arguments out of getting your primary vehicle's ball-mounted secondary vehicle hitched, unhitched, and set exactly where you want it to go.

A two-wheeled, battery-powered gadget, the Parkit360 Electric Trailer Dolly is out-of-the-box ready to assist with the precise moving, positioning, and parking of your trailer. It's fitted with a sealed U1 battery and charger, a 7-pin trailer brake plug, and tires ranging from 4" to 6.5" wide, depending on the model. Parkit360 Trailer Dolly models are based on the weight of your trailer, and built to accommodate 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 pounds. A 1.7Hp Bosch electric motor drives the dolly, and keeps the moving process fume-free.

One of Parkit360's Electric Trailer Dolly models is compatible with almost every type of ball-mounted trailer, including RVs and campers, tag-along and bumper pulls, cargo trailers, boat trailers, etc.

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