Nanotech Crystal Protective Car Coating

Posted: February 24, 2017
Nanotech Crystal Protective Car Coating

Nanotech Crystal on, Nanotech Crystal off. Wax never got your 1948 Ford Super DeLuxe Club convertible as bright 'n' shiny as Rising Star's ceramic glass car coating, Mr. Miyagi.

Nanotech Crystal is a 100% transparent, high-gloss coating that serves both to make your ride sparkle, and protect it from a slew of antagonistic weather and environmental conditions. Rising Star says its hand-applied, polish-on bodyguard will guard your vehicle's body from:

  • Dust and static, making cleaning it easier.
  • Water, ice, and snow penetration. From the looks of the photos, Nanotech Crystal is hydrophobic, or water-repellent, like Liquipel.
  • Bacteria and mildew.
  • UV penetration, which can soften and age paint jobs.
  • Scratches and abrasions. I imagine this applies to the types of scratches and abrasions you'd get from sideswiping some bushes, not a pillar in a parking garage.

Each 100mL bottle of Nanotech Crystal contains enough coating to treat 2 medium-sized cars according to the application method demoed in the video above. Once applied the coating should keep your paint--as well as your rims, lamp covers, and plastic, rubber, and metal surfaces--protected for 2 years, and Rising Star says it will never crack, peel off, or turn yellow.

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