The Dark Knight Batpod

Posted: September 05, 2016
The Dark Knight Batpod
$80k - $106k
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This Batpod is real--one of six special effects dude Chris Corbould made for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises movies--and it's up for auction beginning September 27, 2016. You might want to think twice about placing your bid, though. Sounds like the thing was a bitch to engineer, and isn't much easier to ride. You mount TRON Light Cycle-style on your belly and then have to steer the pair of faaaaat 31" Hoosier racing tires entirely from your shoulders. Good luck going over a pothole, or one of those giant F'ing metal plates they've slapped down all over the roads near my house during underground utility work. Add to the "Motorcycles Use Extreme Caution" sign: "Batpods Good Luck Driving Over After Burritos And Churros."

Additional nifty features and specs of the Batpod that could be yours include:

  • An exhaust system integrated within the vehicle's framework
  • Custom-made chassis
  • Honda 750 engine
  • Fiberglass body panels over the engine and handlebars
  • A pair of cannon barrels made of plastic, resin, and fiberglass
  • A laster targeting unit above the right hand grip
  • Radiator and hydraulics behind the saddle
  • Some slight wear to the body panels and chassis, courtesy of stunt rider Jean-Pierre Goy
  • Warner Bros. Certificate of Authenticity included with sale
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