Monster Moto Classic 212cc Mini Bike

Posted: January 05, 2018
Monster Moto Classic 212cc Mini Bike
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It's called the 212cc Mini Bike, but Monster Moto swears their rugged off-roader is "bigger and beefier" and really "not-so-mini" at all. Which makes me wonder why they named it the 212cc Mini Bike instead of the Bigger and Beefier Bike, or the 212cc Not-So-Mini Bike. Or the Two Fat Wheels That Could. Or The Mind of Tyrion Lannister. Or...what? Naw, I'm not high. I might have drank too much Robitussin for my hacking cough this morning though.

In addition to its 212cc motor, Monster Moto has equipped the Mini Bike with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and front suspension system. It's designed to ride over less friendly terrain, and for longer.

The less mini parts of the Mini Bike include oversized pneumatic tires, a motorcycle-style throttle, and a 26" high seat and adjustable handlebar that accommodate adults up to 200 pounds.

The Mini Bike kit arrives with all the hardware you'll need to put it together, and Monstor Moto says the process is as simple as attaching the handlebar, adding oil (also included) and gas, climbing on, and lubing up your knee and back joints so you can hop on and get [cue Flo Rida] low, low, low, low, low, low, low.

All Monster Moto bikes are made in Ruston, LA.

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