Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

Posted: February 24, 2014
Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

The C-01 superbike: guts by Lotus, skin by Holzer, body by Tron. Lotus' new lightweight motorcycle represents a collaboration of people who know what the hell they're doing. The British auto company's limited edition bike will surge along a mere 100 lucky SOBs straddled atop its 395-pound, 200 hp, 75-degree v-twin Rotax motor molded around the geometry and construction of Germany's Holzer Group. Holzer has designed multiple Moto One and Moto Two world championship motorcycles, plus cars for Formula One and LMP2. But the ultimate coup from a company better known for luxury on 4 wheels: the Lotus C-01's bodywork comes courtesy of Daniel Simon, the man who created the Light Cycle for Tron: Legacy. So if you're still bummed street legal Light Cycles are no longer available for purchase, just stop by Lotus and pick up a C-01. I bet it will cheer you up.

According Dr. Colin Kolles (of Kodewa, and another top-billed Lotus motorcycle designer) the C-01 signifies "a piece of art in motion." The team's goal was to bring style to function, rather than sacrifice the latter for it. A decent idea as, admittedly, aesthetics over performance is likely what any dude sprawled on his belly, arms overhead, ass in the air would experience darting around town on a Light Cycle. So despite introducing British class and elegance, plus some retro glamor, the Lotus release aims to maintain core state-of-the-art motorcycle technology and racing maneuverability. Inspiration for the bike's curves stem from the Lotus 49, while its color schemes give a nod to iconic Lotus racing combos.

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