HelSTAR Brake & Signal Helmet Light

Posted: October 17, 2014
HelSTAR Brake & Signal Helmet Light
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I don't know very many regular motorcycle riders who have never been in a wreck. And while half the time it's happened because they were doing something Level 9 stupid, the other half it was because they got rear-ended or T-boned by a car that didn't see them. The HelSTAR is a wireless brake and turn signal LED lighting system that attaches to riders' helmets. Creator David Werner devised it in hopes of reducing the number of car-motorcycle collisions that occur when drivers don't see a bike's low-set indicator lights. (He is still working on finding a solution for Level 9 stupidity.)

HelSTAR uses an ultra-low frequency technology to integrate into helmets and motorcycles and serve as a secondary brake light/set of turn signals. The theory is that the higher placement and brightness of the LED lights will better grab motorists' attention when a biker in front of them slows or moves to turn. HelSTAR systems install on any motorcycle and helmet combo, and a single helmet receiver can link to multiple transmitters (motorcycles), or a single transmitter to multiple receivers.

HelSTAR battery power is reserved almost exclusively for powering the receiver's LED lights (i.e., not for RF communication with the bike) to increase brightness and per-charge life, plus remove the need for an On-Off switch for the helmet. Additional features include:

  • Breakaway design to help prevent neck injuries in the event of a fall.
  • Automatic diagnostics of battery, RF communication, and LED function.
  • Hundreds of thousands of unique codes to prevent cross communication with other units and stray interference.
  • Functionality with virtually all 12V systems, including CAN-Bus.
  • User programmable for compatibility and future enhancements (e.g., brake modulation).
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards.

The HelSTAR wireless brake and signal helmet light system seeks Kickstarter crowdfunding through December 13, 2014.

August 2020 Update: HelSTAR has rebranded itself as the inView wireless helmet brake and turn signal system. It is still available from maker Third Eye Design's online store.

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