Hellcat Combat Motorcycle

Posted: November 09, 2012
Hellcat Combat Motorcycle

On August 29, 2012, James Hoegh gunned and smoked his Confederate Motorcycles' X132 Hellcat Combat to an average top speed of 172.2 mph on northwestern Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats. It set a new land speed record for unfaired, naturally aspirated, pushrod V-twins over 200cc, and awarded the Hellcat Combat title of World's Fastest Big Block V-Twin. Not just now, Confederate reminds us, but ever.

Hoegh piloted the Hellcat Combat prototype, but since its official inauguration into the world of vehicular grandeur Confederate has authorized the commissioned handcrafting of 36 record-breaking specimens of speed. For a seemingly arbitrary price of $72,000--exactly double the number of bikes they've agreed to make. Whatever.

The Hellcat Combat chassis begins with a 3" 120 hard wall steel backbone and a 120 hard wall steel down tube, with full hand Tig Welded fabrication. The engine is, of course, an X132 Combat Twin that outputs 160 BHP. Tailored ergonomics include mid-rear controls, 70 mm rise handlebars with a 55 mm sweep, and a Solo Combat reverse hide racing saddle, 28" high.

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