Gunbus 410 - World's Biggest Motorcycle

Posted: October 30, 2013
Gunbus 410 - World's Biggest Motorcycle
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A Texas-sized hog made in southwest Germany. Leonhardt Manufacturing's Gunbus 410 owns the current title of World's Biggest (Running) Motorcycle. That means you can really own and operate the steel-and-aluminum behemoth, whose meticulously handmade body and operational parts set it at 11.3' long and 1,433 pounds. Men under 5'6", forget about the monster truck. Your first-class ticket to Alpha masculinity is straddling the seat of Gunbus 410. Let's just hope the Baby Jesus hears your prayers for your arms to reach the throttle.

Additional supersized Gunbus motorcycle specs include:

  • Wheel Base Dimension: 7.9'.
  • Total Height: 4.9'.
  • Sitting Height: 2.6'.
  • Engine: 2-cylinder; V-type arrangement.
  • Maximum engine torque: 710 Nm at 1900 RPM.
  • Transmission: 3-gear sequential with reverse gear.
  • Clutch: 3-disk, sintered metal dry clutch, 5.5" diameter, hydraulic operation.
  • Tires: RIGDON. Front, 38" diameter; 11" width. Rear: 42" diameter; 15" width.

Muchas danke to Damn Geeky.

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