Bolt M-1 Electric Motorcycle

Posted: August 09, 2015
Bolt M-1 Electric Motorcyle

When Bolt looks at its M-1 electric motorcycle, they think,"If you can ride a bicycle you can ride a Bolt." When I look at it I think, "Max speed 20 miles per hour? Vrrrroooommm! That's sidewalk legal."

The Bolt M-1 is a 100% electric commuter that meets California electric bicycle regulations with an Economy Mod that tops out at the aforementioned 20mph, and meets not getting completely lampooned by bikers regulations with a simple, rugged black design. It also has a Sport Mode to bump power and speeds up to 35mph, but that setting is legal for off-road use only.

All the legalities and classifications are key for the M-1 because drivers need zero license or certification to ride it. According to Bolt, this perk is sweetened by the bike's ease of handling. Additional M-1 features include:

  • 33 Vol /300 Amp/1.68 kWhr LiFePO4 battery
  • Power: 1000W (Economy), 5500W (Sport)
  • Charge Time: 5 hours
  • Weight: 140 pounds
  • Passcode protected
  • Regenerative braking
  • Quick-release batteries
  • Bluetooth Mobile App
  • USB charger for your phone
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