Berluti Leather Motorcycle Helmet

Posted: September 29, 2018
Berluti Leather Motorcycle Helmet
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Not enshrouded in enough leather while you're riding? Add the leather cherry on top with Berluti's leather motorcycle helmet. A carbon fiber shell and modular design for optional full-face coverage provide a lightweight, ECE-approved base for red brown calf skin accents inside and out.

On the helmet exterior, rounded leather edging sewn along the border joins and a leather visor complement a glossy black shell further enhanced with a Scritto pattern on the right side. Inside, punched calf skin forms the ear cups and front padding, along with Coolmax padding around the rest of the helmet. Padding is removable. Total helmet weight is 880 grams.

The leather motorcycle helmet is a Fall/Winter 2018 collaboration between Berluti, a French luxury brand, and British helmet maker Veldt. The perfect gift for a man whose head you think is worth $4,150.

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