ATLAS Throttle Lock - Cruise Control for Motorcycles

Posted: March 27, 2017
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Despite the longstanding belief of soccer moms, dudes (and ladies) on motorcycles don't always want to "gun it and make a racket right outside my house! Right after I got Asher down for a nap!" Sometimes they just want to hop on their bikes and cruuuuuise. The ATLAS Throttle Lock is for those of you who ride on those days you're well out of the city, well out of suburbia, and spending hours on long, winding roads taking you farther and farther away from the world of soccer moms.

ATLAS is a mechanical cruise control device for motorcycles. Nearly all motorcycles. The bolt-on unit even fits most without modification. ATLAS rotates with your throttle hand and activates with your thumb to set a cruising speed. To deactivate, just rotate your throttle while ATLAS is engaged.

ATLAS is 1/4" thick and mounts between your bike's throttle housing and rubber grip, so it will consume no grip space once installed. Installation time is reported to be around 2 minutes. The lock is made of heat-treated hardened stainless steel held together with military-grade rivets; the company says these materials and the configuration will hold up and function in an array of riding conditions, from high noon in the desert to a frozen mountain pass. All ATLAS components are made in the USA.

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