AGV SPORTMODULAR Carbon Fiber Modular Helmet

Posted: March 27, 2018
AGV SPORTMODULAR Carbon Fiber Modular Helmet
$749.95 - $849.95
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Italian motorcycle racing and helmet specialists AGV introduced the SPORTMODULAR, what they call the world's first full carbon fiber modular motorcycle helmet, to the North American market this month. Founded in the mid-1940s, AGV broke ground a few years later producing the first 100% fiberglass open-face helmet. They hope to find paralleled success with their SPORTMODULAR, which they say "shatters previous standards of safety, comfort, and design" with its 100% carbon fiber construction (even the chin guard) and multiple Mr. Potato Head Parts.

Or rather, multiple keep-your-Mr.-Potato-Head-safe parts.

SPORTMODULAR helmets weigh between 2.85 and 3.06 pounds, depending on your chosen shell size (XS through XXL). Their interiors are designed to have a pressure-free fit, and include a patented reversible cuff with warm and cool sides. A panoramic Class Optic 1 visor keeps your view distortion-free without sacrificing a 190-degree periphery, and its Visor Lock System reduces the risk of accidental opening. There's also an anti-scratch sun visor, which you can remove without tools.

SPORTMODULAR helmets are available in Carbon / Dark Gray and Carbon / Red from Amazon, and 7 different colors / styles when bought direct from AGV.

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