ACH-1 Air-Conditioned Motorcycle Helmet

Posted: September 16, 2018
$549.99 - $599.99
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A summer breeze on an open road might make you feel fine, but good luck feeling it from the neck up from behind the protective shield of your motorcycle helmet. Safety first, though, and since Feher can't reduce your helmet's face and head coverage without compromising ECE certification, they made the ACH-1 to bring the cool air inside. The Feher ACH-1 is the world's first self-contained air-conditioned motorcycle helmet.

Inside its synthetic fiber-reinforced multi-layered fiberglass shell the ACH-1 has a complete cooling system Feher says can circulate filtered, chilled air across the top of your head. Cooled air is typically 10 to 15 degrees below the ambient temperature to deliver a more comfortable, less sweat-gets-in-your-eyes riding experience. Having a cool head should also help make the rest of your leather-and-kevlar-clad body feel cooler.

The integrated cooling system accomplishes its AC effect using a combination of thermoelectric technology and Feher�s patented Tubular Spacer Fabric. They system gets it power from your motorcycle battery, via an included harness that connects to the battery, as well as a quick disconnect cord with a switch that activates the AC, turns it off, or set it to Fan mode. (If you don't want to hard wire the ACH-1 helmet to your motorcycle battery, there are external 12v battery packs you can buy and use instead.)

The structure of the ACH-1 consists of a synthetic fiber-reinforced multi-layered fiberglass shell that offers full-face coverage, and meets or exceeds US DOT FMVSS218 and ECE 22.05 helmet standards. It is fitted with an injected molded, quick-release face shield with anti-fog coating. The air-conditioned helmet comes in 5 different colors.

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