Keanu Reeves Bill & Ted Car Windshield Snow Cover

Posted: November 03, 2019
Keanu Reeves Bill & Ted Car Windshield Snow Cover
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Keanu Reeves, the coolest and kindest dude in the world, as "Ted" Theodore Logan, his finest movie role ever, now here to do another cool, kind, and fine thing for you: protect your car's windshield from bogus snow this winter. And also bogus ice. Plus the bogus sun. And, oh Keanu, bogus bird shit. All so you can continue on your own excellent adventures uninterrupted by bogus acts of nature.

The Keanu Reeves Bill & Ted car windshield snow cover is 58" long x 47" tall, which should fit most car models. It has bodacious elastic bands on either side that affix to sideview mirrors, and a pair of triumphant corns on the front end that you can suction cup to your windshield.

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