Extreme Vehicle Protection Car Storage Bag

Posted: September 19, 2019
Extreme Vehicle Protection Car Storage Bag
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I smell a storm coming, better bag 'er up! The Extreme Vehicle Protection car storage bag is designed to shield your car, truck, or SUV from inclement weather conditions. Like, flood and hurricane inclement. When your driveway turns from land to lake overnight, the Extreme Vehicle Protection bag floats. Presumably with your car inside!

The cover is both airtight and waterproof, and in addition to adding some quick protection after an ominous forecast, can be used as a long-term storage alternative to, say, your mama's garage after she gets her fancy new Buick convertible and kicks your ass (wheels) to the curb (uncovered parking strip).

If various natural disasters aren't a concern, perhaps you'd like something to keep your prized ride safe from defiling dust, rodent squatters, and bird shizit. The Extreme Vehicle Protection bag provides 360-degree coverage to combat those less, but more regular offenses too.

Despite its name you can also fit the Extreme Vehicle Protection storage bag over boats, RVs, motorcycles, furniture, and sensitive documents. Seller Adam's Polishes says setup time for the car-in-bag option is less than 10 minutes with 2 people. The listing here is for an Extreme Vehicle Protection cover measuring 15' x 24'.

One note to consider: the Extreme Vehicle Protection cover specifically mentions protection from flooding, rainstorms, snow storms, ice storms, dust contamination, moisture, insect life, and small animals. The word "hail" is never used in their descriptions or claims.

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