UEV-490 Urban Escape Vehicle

Posted: July 15, 2014
UEV-490 Urban Escape Vehicle
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Conqueror Australia's Urban Escape Vehicle, or UEV, version 490 is one of the best monstrosities I've ever seen. Second maybe only to eleMMent's Land Yacht. The rugged luxury camper is suitable for both on- and off-road wheeled treks, and comes fully-loaded with amenities tailored to the buyer's specifications. In other words, the UEV-490 is the ideal companion for people who want to muscle through rocky, sandy, snowy, or water-filled terrain, but do not want to give up microwave popcorn and binge watching Breaking Bad Seasons 1 through 5 on a flat screen during the journey.

The UEV-490's independent trailing arm suspension system gives it the latitude needed to hitch up to any compatible off-road vehicle and roll with the bumps, drops, and splashes without sustaining damage or, worse, slowing its driver down. The patented system includes coil springs and Tough Dog shock absorbers, integrated rear legs (i.e., no loose jacks or handles), 12" off-road electric drum brakes, and various wheel styles and configuration options to suit the driver's intended caravan use. The suspension ride is also configurable based on on- or off-road use.

The UEV-490 has a skeletal construction with cladding to minimize its weight, and all body parts are CNC-manufactured for easy interchangeability, plus electro-galvanized and epoxy coated or hot dipped galvanized (chassis) for additional durability. Conqueror Australia avoids the use of wood, fiberglass, or other degradable materials in the campers' construction to preclude wood rot, paint cracking, and fatigue caused by off-road conditions. The UEV-490s' TARE/real-life tow weight is about 2,975 pounds. This is inclusive of its tires, full awnings and poles, canvas, full kitchen with cutlery and crockery, and dual batteries.

To accommodate those who want to sleep and exist outside even though they just dropped over $55 grand on a fancy camper, all UEV-490 facilities--kitchen, bathroom, fridge, cooking utensils, stove, bar, storage--are also accessible from outside the caravan. Additional features include:

  • Diesel hot water system
  • Interior heating
  • Microwave, fridge/freezer, flat screen DVD player
  • Full, fully stocked kitchen
  • Bathroom with designated shower and tent with sides
  • Bed choice of 2 x doubles, 1 x double and 1 x single, or 3 x singles
  • Fold-out tent in front of caravan (larger than a normal double bed)
  • 140-liter poly ethylene water tanks with low center of gravity, but located out of harm's way in off-road conditions
  • Designated space for all equipment, accessories, and utensils
  • Large nosecone with room for pressurized pump, diesel hot water system, and other camping equipment
  • Designated mountings for 2 x jerry cans, 2 x gas bottles, spare wheel & hub, axe, spade, etc.
  • Rear mounted carrier for items like fire wood, tent, high lift jack, etc.
  • Designated fixed pouches for all tents, awnings, ropes, and poles
  • Modular design to support many different configurations
  • Intelligent powerpack and C-tek charging system

Muchas danke to Jim H. for the Dude Product Tip.

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