Swincar E-Spider ATV

Posted: August 08, 2015

Part all-terrain, part arachnid, all electric. The Swincar is a French off-road vehicle with a new take on the idea of a fully independent suspension system. Each wheel is powered by its own motor and designed to flex and tilt independently, without jolting the driver or dumping him out of the cab. As one or more Swincar wheels tackles uneven terrain, a side slope, or the odd giant boulder, its human cargo remains more or less upright.

Swincar E-spiders are available with 1kW or 1.5kW motors in each of the 4 wheels, and the buyer's choice of 2- or 4-wheel drive. A 2-seater model is also in the works, as is a joystick driving option for users with reduced mobility. Nice. Now Grandma has an alternative to the Ziesel off-road driving chair.

Muchas danke to Mike P. for the Dude Product Tip.

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