Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft

Posted: September 16, 2013
Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft

Impressively, Russian industrial designer Ekaterina Dekhtyarenko went from creating a stylized egg holder to conceptualizing and rendering a complete manned vehicle of flight (OK, she did do a hang-glider along the way as well.) Her Patrol Ultralight Aircraft recently debuted on artists' portfolio presentation site Behance, with the intent of serving as a compact, easily-assembled, and simple-to-use tool for fire-prevention patrol, patrol of reserve zones, and search and rescue missions.

Land preservation, upholding the law, and personal protection. Huh. See I was thinking more along the lines of aerial drag racing.

The Patrol Aircraft would be fashioned using eco-friendly materials, and encourage economic flight. Its long overhead wing, a system of blocks-over-framework, is specked as synthetic fiber, with blocks joined "by means of special connections" (mysterious!) The idea is for the modular blocks to disassemble easily for transport in the trunk or on the roof of a car or truck.

Fastened to the monolithic wing would be a management wheel, motor, and suspension brackets, along with elevon control units at the wing's edges for aircraft maneuvering. Pilot seating is an ergonomic, carbon fiber design.

Patrol speeds, controlled either by an electric or gas-powered engine, are intended to range from 19 to 56 mph, with top flight altitudes of 13,000+ feet.

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