Buzz Helicopter

Posted: August 15, 2016
Buzz Helicopter

Japanese design and engineering firm Phiaro has shown up to various motor and trade shows with some pretty sick rides, but the Buzz Helicopter concept (or maybe prototype? Information is sparse) has got to be the most bitchin' of their lot. The newfangled flyer was made to work too, just like the bees its aesthetic mimics.

While the Buzz cockpit does accommodate 2 passengers, interior space and appointments are minimal. The highlight, at least as far as I can see, are its giant windows, giving pilots and cohorts a near-180-degree view of their path and surroundings. And I'm not really sure what function the helicopter's pair of side arms serve--aerodynamics? Wind / debris shield?--but they do add 2 more windows to the configuration, bringing the grand total of 'copter "eyes" to 5, just like a bee.

A slim body primed for sighting and snatching up your industry's version of pollen, insect-like legs for takeoff and landing, and a stinger of an engine at the rear complete the Buzz's bee-autiful body.

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