Bugatti Hyper Truck

Posted: March 03, 2020
Bugatti Hyper Truck

The Bugatti Hyper Truck is a concept from Chinese designer Prathyush Devadas. He works for Dongfeng Motor Corporation. In Wuhan, China. Coronavirus Central. On the upshot, living there probably gives him a lot of time to stay home and conceptualize what Bugatti could do to a long haul truck.

Devadas' design makes the Hyper Truck look more like a wicked, futuristic train car than a big rig, and it has just 8 wheels, compared to a semi-truck's standard 18. To Bugatti things, up, the Hyper Truck incorporates the luxury vehicle brand's "C" line in the front. It cradles a driver's cab "pod" with floor-to-ceiling windows on the sides, but an oddly narrow front windshield embedded in a dark plastic casing that's got to create some gnarly blind spots. Maybe it's meant to be self-driving?

Even if they're just along for the ride, chillin' on some Bugatti leather seats during the cross-country trek, The Hyper Truck is on I'm sure most truckers would gladly volunteer to keep on truckin' in.

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