Essential Oil Diffuser Air Freshener for Car Vents

Posted: March 09, 2022
Essential Oil Diffuser Air Freshener for Car Vents
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I approve of the idea of car air fresheners, because most cars I've been in without them smell of stale fast food, b.o., farts, and, if there's any in the household, dog. However, most cars I've been in with air fresheners pretty much have base notes of those exact same things, but blanketed in top notes of cloying fake vanilla or "ocean breeze," whatever the nasal assault that is. And, yes, I'm especially talkin' to you, rideshare cars.

So now that essential oils are all the rage - for everything from adding a signature scent to your home, to fighting stress and anxiety, to curing Covid - I think adding them to one of these miniature car vent clip reed diffusers could actually cover up the rank odors permeating your vehicle without creating a new odor that's almost as bad.

This listing includes 4 car air freshener diffuser bottles, each with a pair of scent-disseminating balls that look like honey dippers. The bottles are fitted with heavy-duty clips that attach to an air vent. No essential oils or perfumes are included with the diffusers, which I think is just as well, because I'd rather choose my own. Maybe a nice grapefruit or tea tree oil. I don't know. Anything but Vomit Vanilla or Olfactory-Affronting Ocean Breeze.

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