eBussy Modular Electric Camper, Van & Utility Vehicle

Posted: July 28, 2020
$18,500 - $34k
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Get eBusy with eBussy, a modular electric vehicle with 10 convertible body types. From camper van to offroader, box truck to dump truck, the eBussy is a battery- and solar-powered work horse that's champing at the bit to gallop free when the labor and hauling are done.

Of course, eBussy maker ElectricBrands sells each of the modules separately, so it's more like get eBusting your ass if you plan to collect them all.

Running on solar alone, the eBussy can travel up to 200km (about 125 miles) per day. Boosted with a full battery charge, that ranged increases to up to 600km (370 miles). Further, the eBussy is a pretty lightweight utility vehicle, at 990 to 1,300 pounds empty and without batteries, but it has a load-bearing capacity of 2,200 pounds, delivered at 1000 Nm (738 lb-ft) torque.

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