EarthCruiser Terranova Camper

Posted: June 03, 2021
EarthCruiser Terranova Camper
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If you've got one of the big 3, and a few hundo...thousand in financing, you've got the fixins for an EarthCruiser Terranova camper. The big 3? That's a new Ford, Chevy, or Dodge 1-ton truck, whose chassis EarthCruiser specifically built the Terranova to hitch to. Though, interestingly, EarthCruiser uses the words "mated with" and then "mounted to" to describe the truck-trailer pairing, which leads me to believe it wasn't just a logical design decision to create the Terranova for these domestic big boys, but an attempt to spark true romance. Impassioned love. A match made in travel trailer heaven.

The Terranova attaches - er, mounts to its truck chassis via EarthCruiser's proprietary kinetic mount system. It also uses the same no-lock, no-latch, foam-insulated raising roof EC offers on their over-cab models. So too does the Terranova incorporate a triple-layer curtain boasting 8 windows and a 360-degree panoramic view. Insect and privacy screens, and clear vinyl layers give you options for the windows' best iteration at different locations and times of year.

Designed for year long travel, and extreme variations in climate, the Terranova has a protective foam core fiberglass construction that keeps heat in or out depending on the season.

Inside, expanded living quarters (which I must say, are pretty stunning, especially with all those windows) include: a bed above the cab roof and room to sleep 4; a kitchen with stainless steel sink, induction cooktop, and stainless steel refrigerator / freezer; and a bathroom with full-height shower and Thetford cassette toilet that recesses from view when not in use.

The EarthCruiser Terranova camper starts at $289,000. If that's well beyond reality for you, check out some other options in my collection of the 14 coolest campers, RVs, trailers & caravans.

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