Cardok Underground Parking

Posted: October 01, 2012
Cardok Underground Parking
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Boy do I hate having to park both the Porsche and the Lambo on the front circle drive. It really detracts from the visual splendor of my gilded front door and Batman topiary. What, a retractable underground parking space whose hydraulics lift and lower it via remote control in less than 30 seconds? A Cardok platform that is virtually undetectable when below grade, yet houses within its steel frame a load of up to 3 tons? And it only costs so much that prices are listed as "Call to enquire" on the Cardok Website? Yes, please.

Cardok underground parking stalls come in Mono, for a single car's safe keeping out of sight, Original Recipe, suitable for two vehicles--one above and one below ground--and Multi, with space for up to 4 fancy whips. According to entities that are not Cardok.com, prices range from $61,000 to $72,000. Lifts can accommodate nearly any production car, including "luxury saloons" (i.e., full-size sedans--gotta love the English-y English) and four-wheel drives.

Even when above ground, Cardoks aren't inordinately hideous with their streamlined structural support posts and simple design. Their top surface comprises a 1.6" deep tray that can be finished with a covering of up to 1.4 tons to match the surrounding parking area. Usage is purportedly both quiet and efficient, with per-cycle energy requirements equivalent to that needed to boil a kettle of water. Which means almost nothing to me as an American, but I guess the point is that Cardoks are not succubi of natural resources. Just fiscal ones.

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