CarAIDE 18-in-1 Portable Jump Starter & Multi-Tool

Posted: January 15, 2020
CarAIDE 18-in-1 Portable Jump Starter
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The portable jump starter I keep in my trunk has saved me more than once. More than twice. (Stupid sensitive dome lights. I barely touch them heaving my bag over from the passenger seat and they turn on!) As an emergency backup charger the hefty battery has helped me out here and there too. But I gotta say, my Cyntur JumperPack has nothing on the CarAIDE 3X Multi-Tool, a portable jump starter that's also a battery, and also a flashlight, and also 15 other gadgets you might need on the road.

Or while stuck on the side of it.

Like all portable jump starters, I think the very best feature of the CarAIDE 3X Multi-Tool is that it allows you to reignite a dead car battery without a second car or set of jumper cables. When fully charged, the CarAIDE base can deliver a 12V, 1000A peak current through its included jumper clamps - strong enough to restart vehicles with up to a 4.0L gas engine. That includes cars, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, boats, and snowmobiles.

On the top end of the CarAIDE a torch can light your way under the hood, or anywhere through the darkness with a beam that reaches up to 755'. The 8000mAh battery is also strong enough to fully charge dead or dying electronic devices, including phones and laptops.

Additional CarAIDE tools include a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker, burglar alarm, and built-in compass.

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