Canoo EV Pickup Truck

Posted: March 12, 2021

I wouldn't mind some Canoo-dling in - or, to be honest, even with - the Canoo EV Pickup Truck. This newest addition to Canoo's line of "purpose-built electric vehicles," is set to launch in 2023, with pre-orders beginning in Q3 of 2021. It will join Canoo's existing namesake lifestyle vehicle (kind of a minivan with fold-down bench seating and extra storage in the back) and their MPDV (Multi-Purpose Delivery Truck.)

The Canoo Pickup Truck will feature a 200-mile range and (supposed) instant acceleration with 550 lb-ft of torque. Its 6' utility truck bed fold down pretty much around the entire perimeter for easy loading and unloading of up to 1,800 pounds of materials and equipment. There is also a 2' pull-out extension to give you a little more bed space.

Things get even more fun 'n' funky at the front of the Canoo Pickup Truck, where a folding panel reveals additional storage, plus work space. The panel serves as a desktop or counter eating area, with a row of standard electrical and USB outlets running along the back.

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