Bowlus Road Chief Luxury Aluminum Travel Trailer

Posted: June 23, 2019
Bowlus Road Chief Luxury Aluminum Travel Trailer
$137k - $185k
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The Bowlus Road Chief appears to require a new addition to pop culture lingo. What's the luxury aluminum travel trailer equivalent of "glamping"? Splend-RVing? Road pimping?

Bowlus Road Chief RVs come in Endless Highways and On the Road models, the former 2' longer and around $50,000 more swank than the latter. Both are light enough to hitch to almost any SUV or crossover, and the Endless Highways is also towable off equally luxury EVs, such as the Tesla X.

The Endless Highways travel trailer has a lithium iron phosphate power system that enables adventurers to spend a week off-grid while running the microwave and all outlets. The On the Road Bowlus Road Chief is juiced enough to do the same for a long weekend.

Both Bowlus Road Chief aluminum travel trailers sleep and dine up to 4 people.

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