BigBoi BlowR Mini Touchless Car Dryer

Posted: May 10, 2019
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This BigBoi specializes in hands-off. He's a blower, not a toucher. The BigBoi BlowR Mini Touchless Car Dryer is a consumer-sized car care tool designed for auto enthusiasts who don't want any grubby fingers, including their own, drying off their cars after a wash. Yeah, its niche is pretty specific, but luxury vehicle owners, or anyone who considers his or his car his or her baby, might not want to give BigBoi's maintenance tool the BlowR-off too fast.

When drying your car with a mitt or cloth, BigBoi points out there's a risk of scratching its paint since dust/dirt can get trapped in the towel's fibers. Also, certain fabrics aren't that effective for absorbing water, or can remove car wax. The BigBoi BlowR Mini removes these risks with its touchless, vacuum-in-reverse operation. The blower blasts water droplets from clean vehicles kind of like those at the car wash do, but this time you're in control of where and how long you blow, so you'll end up with a car that's actually dry and streak-free when you're done.

The BigBoi BlowR Mini uses a 3000W motor to create heated, filtered air handy for ejecting droplets from paintwork, metal, glass, and chrome. I'll bet it does cool things to your spit and cheeks if you turn it towards an open mouth too. Airflow, plus the BlowR Mini's 3 x interchangeable nozzles, are strong enough to force water out from behind badges, head and taillight surrounds, mirror housings, and other crevices. The car dryer has settings for 2 wind speeds and 3 temperatures.

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